This video might make you cry

This week,  Quinton, during his programme ‘TVAM’, showed Clara, Chris and Melvic a very touching video which was being shared on social media.

As Quinton explained, the video is an exact definition of what love means and he compared it to the famous Christmas adverts in the UK which are intended to convey a strong message and melt your heart into a thousand pieces.

The video shows children with Down syndrome, smiling as they perform the song ‘A Thousand Years’ together with their parents and using sign language for those who are deaf.

This was one of a number of campaigns throughout the year both in Malta as well as around Europe which had the aim of promoting the abilities of people with Down syndrome.

Chris passed on a thoughtful message as his older sister also has Down syndrome. He described how she is so full of energy and how she appreciates everything around her.

Clara could not hold back her tears and emotions. And what about you?