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This year’s Fun Run will be held in every locality instead of finishing in Valletta

For the first time since its organisation, the Malta Community Chest Fund’s Fun Run will not finish in Valletta but will be organised in every town and village. This year’s edition will be held on Sunday, 21st November.

However, the Fun Run will keep its annual schedule on the national station with a live transmission at 10.00am on TVMnews+

The 2021 Fun Run was announced by President George Vella at a press conference with this year’s format will be adapted according to social distancing measures.

With the l-Istrina event less than two months away, the Malta Community Chest Fund has started preparing for the major end of the year event, whereby each locality will be organising a Fun Run in groups of not more than 100 participants, with applicants showing their anti-Covid vaccine certificate.

SportMalta chief executive Mark Cutajar told TVM that this year’s Fun Run will present a new challenge. “The first thing we did as a priority was to adhere to sport protocols issued by the Public Health authorities….in the eventuality of over 100 participants we will have different times of around 15 minutes between groups during the activity.

President George Vella expressed confidence that the occasion will be one of unity for the Maltese people, adding that although the peak will be reached with l-Istrina, events have to be held during the year so that MCCF foundations can accommodate the requests it receives.

“L-Istrina is not the only day during the whole year….I wish that a custom of occasional contributions are made to the Community Chest Fund because expenses are all year round. Unfortunately, requests are increasing as medicines which MCCF pays for have stratospheric prices because they are new medicines with a lot of research behind them. We are doing everything possible so that we will provide them when this is not possible by the Government”.

While thanking those who assist and participate in the Community Chest Fund events, President Vella appealed for people to participate in the Fun Run with a sense of unity and solidarity with those in need

The Fun Run will be transmitted live on TVM News+.