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Thousands of foreigners are learning Maltese

Last year, 2,000 foreign persons attended courses in Maltese and its culture as part of the strategy in favour of integration and inclusiveness.

Parliamentary Secretary for Equality and Reforms, Rosianne Cutajar, stated that such courses are a great help for persons to integrate in society. She was speaking during a visit at the offices of the human rights and integration directorate at Paola.

“I do not exclude that, similar to European countries, we include conditions for a working permit with a course in the country’s language, because we have a situation where foreigners do not speak Maltese and not even in English – this is a problem”.

Integration section head, Alex Tortell, said that among others carers who provide service in elderly residential homes are attending Maltese language courses to communicate better with elderly persons.

Gabi Calleja, head of LGBTIQ section spoke on the need of more human resources to cope with increased demands, while the directorate is working for a change in policies and legislation on issues of racism, LGBTIQ and integration. The directorate also provides training to PSCD teachers on integration.

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