Three feasts with unique elements celebrated in Birkirkara, Ħad-Dingli and Imġarr

On Sunday following the feast of Santa Maria, three feasts were celebrated which all have unique elements. TVM visited the procession of St Helen this morning, the auction for the carrying of the statue of the Assumption of Our Lady in Mgarr which reached a record sum of € 17,000 and the march of the Dingli Feast which, this year, had an environmental touch.

Early on Sunday, the streets of Birkirkara’s village core were packed with people for the procession with the statue of St Helen.

‘Seeing the statue of St. Helen leaving the church at 6am gives us great joy. The statue of St Helen was made for the morning and the sun becomes her. I do not come here for anything else. I don’t even attend the march. But I don’t ever miss St. Helen leaving the church. ‘

Among those who participated in the procession, there was the women’s society dedicated to the Patron Saint of Birkirkara. The rector explained that even the clothing is distinctive.

“The red mozzetta, open, with one button and with the coat of arms in the middle, and a black veil .”

The most anticipated part was running with the statue of St. Helen, before it returned back to the Church.

‘From Birkirkara to Mgarr: at noon Mgarr residents gather for a unique tradition. After prayers and some instructions, Fr George Schembri called the two groups of lifters to make their offerings to lift the statue of St. Mary in the evening procession.

The priest said that the offering of € 17,000 will go toward a pastoral project.

‘We have a project where we are carrying out a restructuring of the youth centre so that children and young people will have a more comfortable learning environment.’ ‘

In Dingli we watched the morning march for the Feast of the Assumption. In front of the church a crowd of people wearing blue gathered and celebrated with the village band. With the difference that the Dingli Youths eliminated the plastic balloons that used to define the march and came up with an alternative.

“We thought of buying a bubble machine and replacing rubber with bubbles. It’s a new initiative, I think we are the first village to have done this. We are trying to help the environment in our all small way.’

The march ended with a spectacular explosion of paper.

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