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Three men arraigned in Court on bomb case at Fgura, remanded in custody

Three men, Paul and Jonathan Farrugia and Lorenzo Callus, have been arraigned in Court and charged with jointly being part of a criminal group, with working together with the aim of killing Mario Scicluna and Elaine Galdes, by means of a bomb placed under Scicluna’s vehicle on 4 January this year, which bomb failed to explode. The three men, who have been remanded in custody, also faced separate charges, which include possession of a firearm and possession of cannabis and heroin.

After more than two months of investigations which culminated in Thursday’s raid on a field and garage in Birzebbugia, Xghajra and Hal Far, among others, the Police arraigned 34-year-old Paul Farrugia of Xghajra, 29-year-old Jonathan Farrugia of Birzebbugia and 49-year-old Lorenzo Callus of Qrendi, and charged them with the attempted murder of Mario Scicluna and Elaine Galdes. The case is in connection with a bomb placed under Scicluna’s car in a residential road in Fgura on 4 January, and which for some reason failed to detonate completely.

The three men covered their faces when they were escorted inside the Court by Police officers. The arraignment was made before Magistrate Aaron Bugeja, and the men were charged with being part of a group with the aim of committing crimes. They were further charged with associating with a person or persons in Malta or abroad with the aim of committing a crime, and with having in their possession explosives material.

Lorenzo Callus was also charged with possession of an unlicenced firearm, and with possession of cannabis resin, the cannabis plant and heroin with intent to traffic.

Paul Farrugia was charged with possession of contraband cigarettes with a value of nearly 7,000 euro, in a garage in Xghajra and in his van. Jonathan Farrugia was also charged with possession of cannabis resin and items used in drug trafficking.

All three are relapsers through sentences handed down in the past. The three accused remained silent inside the Courtroom, and did not even reply to questions about their personal details. They pleaded not guilty to the charges.

Lawyer Christopher Chircop is appearing for Lorenzo Callus,  lawyer Roberto Montalto is appearing for Paul Farrugia, and lawyer Franco Debono is appearing for Jonathan Farrugia. Dr Mario Mifsud is appearing parte civile for Mario Scicluna and Elaine Galdes. At this stage defence did not request bail for the three men, who are being detained under arrest. The Prosecution is being conducted by Inspector Keith Arnaud.

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