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Three men charged with planting unexploded bomb in Fgura released on bail

The three men charged with planting a bomb in Fgura which did not explode, have been released on bail following a decree handed down in Court today.

Paul and Jonathan Farrugia, and Lorenzo Callus had pleaded not guilty to the charges brought against them that they were in a criminal ring and had plotted to kill Mario Scicluna and Elaine Galdes. They had planted a bomb underneath Scicluna’s car in Fgura on 4 January but it did not go off.

When handing down his decree, Judge Antonio Mizzi ordered the three men to be released on bail on a personal guarantee of €70,000 each and a deposit of  €30,000 each, while ordering that they had to sign the bail book every day and that they can only leave the house between 6am and 9pm.

The defence attorneys for the accused, D Franco Debono,  Dr Arthur Azzopardi and Dr Roberto Montalto, requested bail after most of the witnesses had testified in Court. They argued that the three accused had strong ties with the community and there was no fear that they would leave the country.

On its part, the Prosecution objected to the request for bail because of the seriousness of the crime and that many people may have been injured or killed if the bomb had gone off.

The three men are also facing separate charges which vary from possession of a firearm to possession of cannabis and heroin.

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