Three of four patients with Covid in the ITU, including a pregnant woman, are not vaccinated

Three of the four patients presently being treated in the Intensive Care Unit at Mater Dei Hospital are not vaccinated against Covid-19. One of the patients is a pregnant woman.

This was stated by Health Minister Chris Fearne during a media conference, at which he announced that restrictions linked to the pandemic are being reduced.

Dr Fearne stated that there are presently 35 persons who are receiving treatment at Mater Dei Hospital in connection with the coronavirus.

The Minister said the figures clearly show that the majority of patients who are seriously ill are the ones who have not been vaccinated against Covid-19. He added that the other person presently in the ITU, who has been vaccinated, suffers from an immunity-linked condition.

The Health Minister declared it is evident that vaccination offers plenty of protection against serious illness, and unvaccinated persons are exposed to a serious situation, even because the Delta variant is resulting in more severe consequences than the previous variants.

Dr Fearne further stated that the last time there were 1,300 persons who were positive with Covid-19 in Malta was in December last year when the vaccine had not started being administered. The Minister explained that at the time, with the same number of positive cases as today, there was five times the number of patients in the country’s hospitals, being about 160 patients.