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Three tax-free years for Malta companies relocating to Gozo

Prime Minister Dr Joseph Muscat announced at Ghajnsielem, Gozo that a company in Malta which relocates to Gozo will be given three tax-free years, this being the biggest-ever incentive for Gozo.

Dr Muscat also announced that Barts school will open in September with 30 students, eventually going up to 300 students, and resulting in 50 million euro per year for the Gozitan economy.

Dr Muscat stated that there is an agreement for the first indoor pool for Gozo. The Prime Minister added that the next Government will give incentives for companies employing Gozitan staff through teleworking, and the Microinvest aid for Gozo has now been increased to 70,000 euro.

Dr Muscat announced that the start up tax credit for new businesses is 70,000 euro. The Prime Minister also announced the setting up of a regional authority for Gozo and a parliamentary committee focused on the sister island.

The Prime Minister further announced that Gozo will benefit from the 700 million euro roads project.

The biggest project is the new hospital for Gozo, with services for oncology and neurology so that Gozitans will not need to travel to Malta.

Meanwhile, during an activity at Sannat, Dr Muscat reminded that within a fortnight the people would be choosing whether to stop half-way, continue to move forward, or move backward.

Dr Muscat said a Labour Government did not want Gozo to become a home for the elderly, or to give 10,000 euro to Maltese to come and live in Gozo, but was proposing Gozo to become an economic motor for creating employment, so that companies in Malta who decide to relocate to Gozo and employ Gozitans would be given three tax-free years and other incentives. These would include incentives for parents whose children travel to Malta to study, to cover their expenses on the children’s education. Dr Muscat said this was the biggest invest on human capital in Gozo.

Dr Muscat put Gozo hospital workers’ minds at rest, saying they would remain Government workers. Dr Muscat warned, however, that if the investment is not made, the Gozo hospital would no longer be viable, and the workers would have to start coming to Malta.

Dr muscat explained that the electoral manifesto was much better than the Party’s previous one in 2013, describing it as a superior manifesto, not only full of energy and ambition, but with the experience of four years in Government, which meant that benefits would be repeated and the same mistakes would not be made.


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