“Three to four people in danger of dying after Paqpaqli għall-Istrina accident”

Mater Dei’s Acting Chief Executive Dr Joseph Zarb Adami said that between three to four people who were injured in yesterday’s unfortunate accident during Paqpaqli għall-Istrina, are still in imminent danger of dying.

During a telephone link with the breakfast show  TVAM, Dr Zarb Adami said that five people are in ITU at Mater Dei, with one of the patients having to be operated on again during the night.

Dr Zarb Adami said that the victims suffered from broken bones in their legs, while others suffered internal and head injuries. He explained that the patients will need months of convalescence.

Among those who were seriously injured were a six-year-old girl and her mother, who have taken a turn for the better. 26 people were injured in yesterday’s accident.

Speaking about the situation at the hospital, Dr Zarb Adami said that the staff was well-prepared for the emergency. He said that yesterday the CT Scan was operating continuously while the scheduled operations had to be postponed. He said that the hospital is preparing another section for intensive care in case it is required.

Dr Zarb Adami said that yesterday there was an adequate supply of blood at the blood bank, but there was always a need for more blood.

On his part, the Parliamentary Secretary for Health Chris Fearne praised the medical staff, saying that the work of the Emergency Department had continued as usual. He said that in the last few months, the number of cubicles had been doubled which was why the department was able to function normally.

Mr Fearne also paid tribute to all the Red Cross volunteers for their immediate assistance during the panic which arose yesterday when the super car crashed into the crowd.

He thanked all those who yesterday went to donate blood and will continue to donate blood today due to the number of operations which need to be carried out.