Three year collaboration agreement between St. John’s Co-Cathedral and Heritage Malta

A collaboration agreement in principle between the St. John’s Co-Cathedral Foundation and Heritage Malta has been signed for a period of three years.

This agreement will pave the way for collaboration between the two entities to cultivate appreciation for this world heritage monument. The agreement provides for collaboration in marketing efforts, the use of virtual technology, conservation initiatives and research work.

The President of the Foundation, Wilfred Buttigieg, said that the agreement was valid for three years: “It is beneficial and cost efficient to both because research is continuous and science continues to evolve; and as we work we always discover new things there is also the new museum project. ”

The Executive Director of Heritage Malta, Mario Cutajar, said that the agreement covers various aspects including the fact that the Co-Cathedral will begin to form part of the Heritage Malta passport scheme, which allows free entry to many historical places in Malta and Gozo.

“It could be a good threshold, a good basis for more collaboration between church and state to flourish but at the same time we appreciate heritage in all its forms,” ​​said Heritage Malta’s Executive Director, Mario Cutajar.

The Minister for Culture, Josè Herrera, said that said that the agreement would continue to strengthen the management of the co-cathedral also amid plans to finalize the new museum which he said would continue to increase the value of the place.

“This cathedral is among the most beautiful in the world and a primary attraction for tourists; on the other hand Heritage Malta now has longstanding experience on how to market its historical sites and how to preserve them,” said Minister for Culture Josè Herrera.

The Administrative Secretary of the Curia, Michael Pace Ross, said that the Church in Malta is confident that this collaboration will translate into concrete advantages.