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Three years imprisonment after girl was attacked with knife to the neck

A former Libyan militant was imprisoned after being found guilty of attacking a girl with a knife, in an attempt to steal her handbag.

Munir Mohammed Ali Gammudi, who militated in favour of Gaddafi during the Libyan riots, was accused of theft with violence in a case which took place on the 18 February 2018 in St Julians.

He was detained b two bouncers until the police arrived.

The court heard how two Maltese girls were smoking cigarettes, when two men, one of them the accused, stopped near them and asked for a cigarette. At one point, Mohammed Munir placed a knife on the neck of one of the girls and took off with her handbag.

Both girls ran after him while calling for help. Two security guards on the “Playground” premises heard the shouting and ran after Munir Mohammed, whereupon they arrested him until the police arrived.

Plagued by psychological problems associated with trauma

Inspector Matthew Spagnol, said that until he was arrested, Mohammed Munir started banging his head against the wall, screaming and had to be taken Mount Carmel.

A probation officer who testified said that the accused, who admitted he was aggressive, suffers from a number of psychological problems, including post traumatic stress disorder and personality disorder.

The Court does not believe that the girl was stabbed in the stomach

The court, presided by Magistrate Donatella Frendo Dimech, did not believe that one of the girls had been stabbed in the stomach and that nothing had happened to her since she was wearing a coat. The Attorney General agreed with the Court, and removed the attempted murder charge.

The Court, took into consideration the fact that Mohammed Munir was a recidivist and had already been found guilty of two offenses. Regarding his mental health, the Court held that the accused required immediate intervention as he was a threat to society and to himself.

Besides sending Mohammed Munir to 3 years in prison, the court also ordered a restraining order against two girls, and informed the Commissioner for Mental Health with the matter.