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Thunderstorm warning – bad weather on the way

According to the website Maltese Islands Weather a powerful thunderstorm storm is on the cards for today.

On their site, they warn that the threat of bad weather seems to be mostly in the form of one or two powerful storms. This warning will be in place from 2pm today until 12pm tomorrow.

They explain how an area of low pressure over the Gulf of Gabes will push an unstable air mass towards the central Mediterranean. Upon coming into contact with the warm sea around us, this unstable air mass will intensify and develop an area of showers and thunderstorms. Isolated showers are possible at any time till late on Wednesday 11/09. These could be heavy and thundery at times.

The warm sea locally will cause the area of showers and thunderstorms to reach peak activity over the sea between Tunisia, Sicily and the Maltese Islands. According to the website one or two thunderstorms may affect the Maltese Islands and one could expect torrential rainfall, very strong winds and hail for some time in the event of a direct hit. At least one of the thunderstorms could be severe.

The Maltese Islands Weather site concluded by saying that the situation will change for the better tomorrow afternoon.

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