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Crucial PN Parliamentary Group meeting underway

Nationalist Party Leader Adrian Delia was seen entering Dar Ċentrali for a crucial meeting of the PN’s Parliamentary Group.

He was met by some PN supporters and when asked by TVM he said he will not be calling for resignations.

This is the second PN Parliamentary Group meeting within a few days following yesterday’s highly emotional Executive Committee meeting that finished late last night. Pierre Portelli stated that all the outcomes of the meeting continued to strengthen his decision that he resigns as the Party’s Media Executive Chairman. In his resignation letter he maintained that his work cannot bring about further changes because of constant coordinated attacks on the Party and its media, including those of PN Members of Parliament.

The PN Leader said he had made various proposals for the way forward and these will be presented to the Parliamentary Group. He said the proposals are constructive to include youths, the members of Parliament as well as civil society. He said some he has already aired in public, such as a national convention. He said in all there are ten proposals and there could be more. He said during the meeting some ideas had been expressed that he liked and these may be taken on board as part of the plan forward.


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