Young woman starts believing in herself after years of self-harm

A young woman who used to suffer from mental problems and ended up self-harming herself, managed to start to believe in herself thanks to those around her. In fact, she even took part in Miss Universe Malta.

This is the story of Sarah Buttigieg, a 21-year-old student and model, who appealed to that whoever is going through these emotional problems should not give up and to seek help.

She said that thanks to a diary on social media and thanks to those around her, she managed to build her self-esteem and her personality to the extent that she ended up on the runway at a beauty pageant.

Today Sarah Buttigieg is a student of psychology and a model. She told us that although her wish has come true, when she was younger she had several problems.

“When I was young I used to suffer from mental problems, depression, and even self harm and obviously there were an accumulation of things which brought me to this state. My grandmother died when I was young. At the age of 13, when I was about to start secondary school, I was still very vulnerable, and I ended up suffering from these conditions,” said Sarah.

It was thanks to her mother, school counselors and therapy that she managed to learn how to love herself. Where before she used to believe she was not capable of doing anything, she began to look at life in another way. She become more positive and sometimes she herself cannot even believe how far she has come. Sarah said that thanks to a fashion show organiser who luckily has ideas which go against the mainstream, he gave her the chance to do what she loves.

“I surprise myself when I see how I am now and how strong I’ve become.  The mind is everything because you can go through a lot of negative things and it is your choice to remain positive. Basically I ended up on the runway thanks to social media because people learned about me and thanks to the person who believed in me, Matthew, who decided to contact me to take part in a show.”

Matthew Piccinino has been involved in the fashion scene for the last 20 years. He believes that the time has come for those who have different skills and talent to take part, and so that everyone is not put in the same basket. That is why he took the decision to give everyone a chance.

“We want to pass on the message of inclusivity where we introduce not just models who are a perfect size. The idea is that we introduce girls who are plus size, or very thin or very tall, whether they are dark-skinned or not, that this is a message of inclusivity.  You will find two types of people,, there are those who see it as the way forward…a woman who is positive and confident and who when she looks in the mirror feels confident and good about herself.”

Meanwhile Sarah’s ambitions do not stop there.

“I think the next step is not for me to be on the runway but people like me.  I have a big dream that eventually I can organise a fashion show for people who are different – with different abilities, height, size – to show that somehow you can always make it.”

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