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Ballerina aged 11 to perform in two leading theatres in England

The dream of every ballerina is to go on stage in the best theatres outside Malta. This dream will become a reality for 11-year-old Julia Gauci who will be participating in spectacles in two of Britain’s most prestigious theatres.

Julia has been chosen as part of the cast to perform at Sadler’s Wells Theatre in London and The Crescent in Birmingham.

Although still only 11, Julia dedicates three hours of daily training after school in preparation for the spectacles to take place in September. Julia was found at her training session at the Academy of Dance Arts in Mosta together with her tutor, Rowena Grech.

Julia said that nearer the date there would be rehearsals throughout the day for ten days before going on stage in front of many people.

She expressed her emotions after being selected to perform at Sadler’s Wells Theatre and The Crescent. She said she is not normally an expressive person and not a person to be effusive in public when something good happens. At the time she just says “ok” but later in her room she jumps with joy.

Her tutor Rowena Grech said that she is convinced that Julia will give a quality performance and will show her talents. She said Julia never gives up because she has a lot of self-confidence and this fills her with self-belief to succeed. She has a stage presence and more importantly she also has natural talent.

Rowena said that not everybody is styled to be a ballerina; however, ballet helps children to develop.

Julia began ballet lessons at the age of six and always obtained high marks in exams, having also had intensive training sessions at ballet academies in England and France.

Julia said she pictures herself in a large theatre dancing as a professional and that is the level she is aiming to attain.

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