Tightly fought election between Trump and Biden – both claim that they are winning

A dramatic race for 270 – the amount of Electoral College votes which Trump or Biden need to obtain to be declared the winner in this race which appears will be a close finish.

At the moment Biden has an advantage of 220 votes compared to the 213 Electoral College votes won by Trump. Both candidates did well in the states considered to be traditionally Republican and Democratic.

Everything will apparently be determined by the key states, including Florida, which was won by Trump. It also appears that Trump will win Georgia and North Carolina.

Biden won Arizona, and it appears that he will Wisconsin and and Michigan. There is great anticipation for the result in Pennsylvania which is considered crucial.

For this election, around 240 million voters were eligible to vote, with more than 100 million who voted by post over the last few weeks. The number of people who went out to vote in this election is expected to be the highest in almost 100 years.  The Coronavirus also affected the vote counting, with the process expected to take longer because of the mail-in votes.

Over the last few hours, Joe Biden said that he is confident about the result. He appealed for patience as the vote-counting can take longer than tomorrow.

On his part, Trump said that he has not prepared any concession speech. In a Tweet he accused the Democrats of trying to steal the election by casting votes after the polls closed.

At these stage both candidates are saying that they have an indication that they won the election.

Meanwhile the tension in the streets is palpable, with Police even arresting three people after incidents which broke out. Hundreds of people are participating in a protest near the White House until the results are announced.

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