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Timely intervention saves hedgehogs from certain death

Five hedgehogs have been rescued from certain death through being run over, after they ended up without their natural habitat.

Volunteers from Nature Trust Malta, as well as residents and Environment and Resources Authority officers acted to remove the hedgehogs from the area where works were being carried out in recent days on Imdina Road in Attard, where trees are being uprooted.

Whilst publishing this photograph, Nature Trust Malta stated on social media that it is putting pressure to bear for the authorities to be more proactive and plan the relocation of animals living in the wild before works are carried out, in order to avoid similar situations.

The environmental group acted after receiving a number of reports that the hedgehogs had ended up in the road when trees were being removed from Imdina Road.

Reports can also be made to the ERA on their emergency number 9921 0404.