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Malta’s request to protect citizens from increasing energy prices accepted

With Prime Minister Robert Abela in attendance, the two-day EU Council meeting in Brussels came to an end this afternoon.

In his first comments Prime Minister Abela aid the Council accepted Malta’s request the country should have more flexibility to protect citizens and enterprises from energy price increases.

The current price of energy was the dominant theme during the meeting of 27 EU Leaders.

In his comments to the News Centre at the end of the meeting, PM Abela explained the EU had given Member Countries the necessary flexibility in their approach to rising energy prices according to their country’s needs.

Dr Abela said his insistence was that each state should be given the tools to help it citizens regarding the international increases in the prices of gas and energy and the burden should not be carried by citizens and these should not be affected. He said he made reference to the specific reality needs of Malta and countries should be granted the flexibility to protect its citizen and that was felt satisfied that at the end of the EU Council meeting Malta’s message to the Council had been accepted.

Aligned to this theme, the EU Commission was requested to evaluate if there is need for regulatory actions in the energy market while the EU Investment Bank was urged to speed up its investment related to the transition in energy.

Regarding the Covid-19 situation it was noted that certain countries had to increase their enforcement to combat scepticism and misinformation about vaccinations. Greater coordination was requested regarding movement and travel of people between EU Member Countries.

The EU Leaders aso discussed the decision of Poland’s Constitutional Court that affects the obligations of this country’s to observe the Rule of Law. This was against a background that the EU Commission and the EU Parliament are warning that if Poland continue to defy the EU it will not be apportioned EU Funds.

Dr Abela said this caused an animated but cordial discussion of developments in the EU Parliament earlier this week. The Prime Minister said expressed a sense of satisfaction that although Malta had faced difficulties in this regard in recent years there was no longer any criticism and in fact Malta is being quoted as a model for reforms to be carried out by other countries.

The EU Leaders also discussed preparations for the forthcoming UN Summit on climate change known as COP26 to be held on 1st November in Glasgow with Leaders agreeing there should be an ambitious global response regarding environmental matters.

This was the final meeting attended by German Chancellor Angela Merkel who will no longer be leading Germany after a term of 16 years. The next meeting of EU Leaders is scheduled to be held in Brussels in mid-December.


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