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Fined €5,000 and life suspension of hunting licence after shooting at stone curlews

A hunter has been condemned to pay a fine of €5,000 and has had his hunting licence suspended for life after being found guilty of having fired on and killing a stone curlew migratory bird at Mellieħa. The incident took place on Maundy Thursday, a day before the end of the Spring Hunting Season. Magistrate Dr Joe Mifsud also ordered that the gun used in the incident be confiscated.

Reacting to the sentence Birdlife issued a statement saying the man had been arraigned in Court and was found guilty after being caught on film shooting at a protected bird. The statement added the same hunter was also filmed shooting on another migratory stone curlew but missed it. Police were called and Birdlife officials indicated the area of the incident and collected the dead bird which had been hidden.

The hunter escaped from the area. However, the film was passed to the Administrative Law Enforcement (ALE) Police sector and the hunter was identified and arraigned today.