Entered hospital with shoulder pains and tested Covid-19 positive

She went into hospital without any symptoms and was informed she was virus infected. Anne Cachia recounted to Television Malta the trauma she had experienced while relaying a message of courage to all those infected by the pandemic.

A month ago Anne Cachia celebrated her 67th birthday in ITU recovering from Coronavirus. She told Television Malta she had no virus symptoms but had gone to hospital suffering with shoulder pains.

She ended up in ITU with doctors informing her she was Covid-19 positive. This caused her a great shock by the information she had never expected.

She spent six days in hospital and then was isolated in a room for two weeks her only contact being her husband leaving her meals by the door room. With a smile she related how later her husband and she had gone to undergo the test to confirm she had recovered. This brought her great joy after spending two weeks alone in her room.

Now that she had recovered from the virus, Anne passed a message of courage to those with a Covid-19 infection. She said in hospital she was well cared for and continually monitored and those hospitalised in good hands.

She said many are dedicating prayers to those suffering from the infection and she promised she is doing the same.

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