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Meet The Inquisitor in the Palace where he resided

Malta is well endowed with museums and historical sites of invaluable historical and cultural value, including the Inquisitor’s Palace at Vittoriosa, unique in Europe in that it is still open to the general public.

In the concept of many people, museums and ancient palaces are large buildings generally shrouded in darkness, somewhat frightening and filled with static pictures and objects.

Aimed at changing such perceptions by creating a more realistic and interactive experience, Heritage Malta and Tech.Mt have joint initiative forces free of charge to all those wishing to visit the Inquisitor’s Palace to better understand the way this was utilised.

Mary Rose Muscat from Heritage Malta explained that visitors will meet many personages who were around during the era of the Inquisitor when he resided in the Palace to understand the way such people lived, that is such people as his major-domo, his cook and other persons who worked at the Palace, while finally meeting the Inquisitor himself.

Visitors will also experience the culinary delights of the Inquisitor’s kitchen that provided the finest food and products such as quality chocolate, coffee and even ice cream.

Ms Muscat said at the end of the visit, all visitors will be able to taste the ice cream as prepared in a typical recipe that was found in the museum archive.

This initiative in digital innovation forms part of a European project for the promotion of cultural heritage between seven partners from six different countries.

Isaac Sammut from Tech.Mt said the project will involve advanced technology in order to attract more people to visit cultural and historical sites.

He said that nowadays there is popular use of social media to be creative or to encourage people toward various attractions that previously did not attract them or that they did not know about and therefore social media should be used for this purpose to attract people to visit.

The scope is that in future the two agencies continue to collaborate in initiatives to use technology to create greater interest in the country’s patrimony and culture.

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