Solar panel schemes announced for quarries, areas with large ceilings and vehicle parking areas

During the first week of August the Regulators of Energy and Water Services will unfurl a scheme for renewable energy with installations in various places, including quarries, disused landfills and industrial land, among other areas.

The Minister for Energy and Enterprise, Miriam Dalli, said this will involve an investment of €26 million over a period of 20 years. Minister Dalli said the aim is that Malta’s contribution to renewable energy not only attains the established target of 11.5% but also exceeds this.

Following the launching two months ago of schemes of renewable energy to generate between 40 kilowatts and one megawatt with the investment of €50 million over 20 years, the Government is now launching another scheme for projects that offer to install between 1 MW and 16 MW.

The Minister further explained that this scheme is aimed at those that have large properties, including those properties that are ceilinged, vehicle parking areas, disused landfills and industrial lands. She explained the ‘feed in tariff’ for this scheme will be an average of €12c7, which means that installation in a vehicle parking area, the maximum allocation will be €16c7.

Minister Dalli said that today’s announcement and the schemes launched some months ago, means that in total a capacity of allocation will reach 47 MW from renewable energy sources and will involve an investment of €76 million over a 20 year period.

She said that this change from the usual is that a differentiation is being made between smaller projects that need less investment and larger projects that need greater investment and thus prevent any competition between small and large investors.

The Minister said the schemes were drawn up after the Government heard the needs of enterprises and industries and whether they are large or small. She explained there are four specific aims, these are, clean and affordable energy, an improvement and innovations in the infrastructure for industries, production and responsible consumption as well as to attain climate change measures. She maintained all these are possible to be achieved if there is a collective effort by the Government, the private sector and the public.

Minister Dalli said that regarding the schemes for energy in family residences through solar panels are providing an increase of €9 million in household budgets throughout Malta and Gozo. She added that those whose agreement had expired after six or eight years have now entered the “feed in tariff” existing today for a period of 20 years. As a result about 20,000 families are benefitting.