Three Court Rooms equipped for Civil Cases to be heard in a virtual manner

During Parliament sessions there is an ongoing discussion for a Legal Amendment to enable Civil Court Cases to be held in a virtual manner.

Government and Opposition are in favour of this measure that will enable Magistrates and Judges to hear cases without hindrance.

Justice Minister Edward Zammit Lewis told Television Malta these adjustments are contemplated to speed up the process of pending cases, including the backlogs accumulated between March and June because of the pandemic.

Three Courts have been attired with the latest technological facilities for virtual Civil cases to be heard, including the Family sector. The Head of Court Informatics, Darren Spiteri, said this investment will help prevent the assembly of persons in Court corridors in view of the pandemic.

He said the advantages include a number of cases being held at the same time in a virtual manner and those involved may participate in a virtual manner as if actually in Court.

These Courts have been equipped with cameras that provide views from all angles while an audio system will record voices in a digital manner to enable transcriptions.

He also explained there are remote rooms in which one may testify and be heard in Court.

Justice Minister Edward Zammit Lewis said these proposed changes are addressed to address pending cases that have accumulated because of the pandemic. He said that greater efficiency is his priority in Civil Judiciary so that persons received just treatment in a reasonable period of time.

The Court administration is in the process of purchasing more technological equipment to be affixed in a number of other Court Rooms.