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Three new cardiovascular machines – they may save lives

Mater Dei Hospital has become the first European medical centre to invest in three heart monitoring machines that will precisely detail how the heart is working.

The Chairman of the Cardiological Department, Robert Xuereb, said these machines are able to detect heart problems beforehand and thus help reduce fatalities as these are a major source of fatalities in the country.

During the pandemic year about 900 persons have died as a result of heart problems. Doctors in the Cardiological Department have exercised the new machines that enable a closer and more detailed study of heart organs and detect problems that may lead to fatalities.

Chairman Robert Xuereb said the machines are based on ultrasound and do not involve rays or needles. He said they are able to detect heart problems in real time because they will show how valves are operating and how the heart is functioning, whether the heart is pierced and whether there are heart structural problems.

These machines may also be used on children.

It is highly important that paediatricians check children for heart problem from birth to detect what is known as congenital heart disease, but they also go a step further. These will detect problems even before birth by inspecting the heart of the foetus to detect any problems.

During the inauguration of the apparatus, the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Health, Chris Fearne, said the machines have been purchased on an investment of €600,000.