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Three arrested after thefts from Gozo residences

The Police are investigating a series of thefts from private residences in Gozo. From information obtained by TVM, the thefts involved thousands of euro. Developments over recent hours have led to the arrest of three men who are helping Police with investigations.

Houses in Xewkija, Nadur and Rabat in Gozo between June and July were the private residences which were in the aims of the thieves. TVM is informed that in one case about €60,000 were stolen from one residence and in another case about €5,000.

TVM is further informed that investigations initiated by District Police in Gozo continued in Malta. This followed information that reached the Police Authorities that a vehicle that was allegedly involved in the thefts was seen in the areas of Marsa and Ħamrun. The Police, led by Inspector Josef Gauci, began searching for the vehicle until it was seen in Triq Belt il-Ħażna in Marsa. A man driving the vehicle was placed under arrest.

District Police as well as from the Forensic Section searched the vehicle and elevated some objects for further investigations because they may have connections with the cases. Finger prints were also taken. The man arrested at Marsa was detained for further investigations.

As a result of further investigations by TVM it resulted that another person was arrested at the Ħamrun Police Station when a man went to sign the register as ordered by Court and later a third person was arrested as a further part of the investigations.

Police investigations are ongoing.

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