Competition launched for entertaining books to further the education of financial capabilities

With the Government planning to open schools in September, the Minister for Education, Owen Bonnici, said that discussions are ongoing so that the teaching of students in the new Scholastic Year will follow the necessary measures against Covid-19 spread. Dr Bonnici said this while launching a competition for those wishing to write a book for Primary School students to guide and educate them as to how to make savings and the wise expenditure of their money.

While speaking to TYM, the Minister said that in recent hours meetings began with major stakeholders so that by the end of September schools will be able to open. He emphasised this will happen with all the necessary measures to be taken.

He said the opening will ensure the safeguarding of our children and our children’s children so that together we can move forward to the educational progress of our children. Dr Bonnici said children have a right to education and have a right to continue with their learning but at the same time there must be the necessary exercise of appropriate measures.

The Curriculum Director, Gaetano Bugeja, said the competition will be open to all those wishing to write books of two categories for Primary School students, for those aged between five and eight years and those aged between nine and eleven years. The books may be in Maltese as well as in English and the winners will win a cash prize.

He said the ultimate aim is to provide teachers with a tool they can use in class.

The head of the team “Ġemma” (Save), David Spiteri Gingell, said this will complement other initiatives that have been organised for children, such as games, drama and competitions so that children understand better the importance of making savings.

He said regarding principles and values, these are of greater value made when made to children at an early age as these will accompany them later. He said with such aim in mind the work being carried out should leave a positive impact.

The Minister for the Family, the Rights of Children and Social Solidarity, Michael Falzon, said that one of the greatest social problems is that there are still persons who cannot determine on what it is essential to buy and how money can be spent to achieve this.

He said the reality is that some fail to prioritise and streamline and are then faced with problems. He said their job is to create these initiatives and many others for a better future for our generations.

Minister Bonnici said this competition is a clear example that education is not only a means of obtaining qualifications but to also enable students to strengthen their characters.

The competition closes on 30th September.


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