“Today I’m clean. Drugs don’t make you happy”

A 52-year-old former drug addict has described “Charles Miceli House” in Mosta not only as a place of refuge, but a place that changed his life forever. He said that he had fallen into drug addiction a number of times,but ever since completing the drug rehabilitation program at Charles Miceli House, he has wanted nothing to do with drugs because he now knows how beautiful life can be when you are drug free.

“In truth you are not really living. You don’t even know what’s going on around you because you can’t see beyond the drugs. From the minute you get up all you can thing of is where your next fix is coming from and in truth it’s no life. You merely exist. ”

Stefan, (the name has been changed to protect his identity), describes his life during the many years of his drug addiction. He started dealing drugs after getting into bad company at the age of 13 and seven years later he decided to join San Blas for the Caritas program but left at the age of 23. “I had tried ever drug around and I even ended up on methadone. ”

However, he fell into drug addiction on two other occasions. Stefan, 52, puts this down to a loss of values.

“You start to detach slowly and you don’t even notice until you are back into a game which isn’t very pleasant. But it’s a slow process and you don’t even notice. You start to leave behind the true values ​​that the program gives you. ”

That’s why Charles Miceli House, which has been open for just over two years, is helping him. This house operates precisely to keep people like Stefan from falling into addiction again.

“It has strengthened the values ​​we need to keep going in this life. Charles Miceli’s house for me is a great thing even after a program … there are people who really wish you well and won’t let you go under. … Nowadays I feel happy that I am drug free and I find joy in the smallest things. Drugs don’t make you happy – they’re a source of discontentment and you can even end up taking your own life, as I tried to do. A clean life is really beautiful. ”

Stefan is one of 12 former drug addicts who graduated after completing the drug program and has continued to attend once a week and keep in touch with the home. Caritas psychologist and rehabilitation services coordinator Joshua Aquilina said many former drug addicts or those still rehabilitating seek the services of Charles Miceli Home on a regular basis.

“At Charles Miceli’s house we offer a 24 hour service where those who need to can be there even if they are going through difficult moments during the day or night …. Something we do and emphasise is how beautiful life is and the reasons we have to celebrate even through the simplest things and the activities we do. ”

Joshua Aquilina said that at Charles Miceli House group services are also held that help those who are coming out of drug addiction.

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