Today marks one year since the first Covid-19 case in Italy manifested

Today a year ago, the first case in Italy manifested. Covid-19 was now not limited to Asia but had entered the heart of Europe.

From being a mere spectator to events in China, Italy took centre stage and became the protagonist of an unprecedented virus which is still with us today. A 38-year-old man called Mattia became the first Covid-19 patient in northern Italy, and in the blink of an eye hundreds of thousands more followed.

The first patient to test positive with Covid-19 in northern Italy, opened the doors to a huge pandemic in Europe. Two Italian doctors Laura Ricevuti and Annalisa Malara became suspicious of Mattia – a 38-year-old man who entered the hospital with a high fever and who was dining with his Chinese colleague ten days earlier.

The suspicions of the doctors were confirmed. Mattia tested positive for Covid-19 and the rest is history – days, weeks, months of anxiety, crowded hospitals, patients recovering and others dying followed – all victims of Covid-19. The world was brought to its knees before an invisible enemy.

Codogno; a city of 15,000 people, became the first Italian city to be seized by Covid-19 – with everything closed and people locked in their homes in fear of the coronavirus. And today, a year later, the number of patients in the intensive care unit has decreased but the restrictions in Italy and beyond have remained. Covid-19 has taken over our lives, and now the race to the vaccine is on, in an attempt to overcome the suffering that this virus has brought with it.