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“Today we fight a modern freedom – freedom from a pandemic” – PM

On the 41st anniversary of Freedom Day, Prime Minister and Labour leader Robert Abela said that modern freedom the country is currently fighting for is the freedom from a pandemic. In a message on One Television, the Prime Minister said that when the people achieve this freedom, we have to implement and create more for our country.

The current extraordinary circumstances led the Prime Minister and Labour leader Robert Abela to walk up to the Freedom Monument by himself to lay a wreath and set alight the flame beside the Vittoriosa monument. The ceremony was held without a public manifestation.

Following the ceremony, Dr Abela said during a message on ONE TV that the current moment will define the beautiful qualities of the Maltese people, from which the country will create a sound foundation for a nice future for our children and all future generations.

He said that the Freedom achieved 41 years ago is still relevant today, adding that today we are fighting for a modern freedom – a freedom from a pandemic – that once it is achieved, the people may implement and dream further for our country. Dr Abela said that this victory will be remembered as a great victory by the Maltese and Gozitan people united with solidarity as one nation.

The Prime Minister added that this is not a moment of colours, and the more time passes, the more he believes in lesser moments where colour wins and that he speaks about one people.

Dr Abela stated that we cannot aspire for full freedom if there is inequality between sexes, including more women in leadership. Equality should be reflected in a social mobility, he said, where everyone has equal opportunity to move forward. This is the moment where, as a country, we provide a new meaning to values of honesty, integrity, family love and altruism.

Prime Minister Abela stated that our fathers placed “the we” before “myself” in the road towards freedom, adding that it was not easy for everyone to celebrate Freedom because with the departure of the British fleet, there were people who lost their job.

Dr Abela said that the Maltese and Gozitan people’s achievement, spearheaded by Perit Duminku Mintoff, occurred following long years of sacrifice which was achieved because the people believed in themselves.

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