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Tokyo man memorises over 1,300 customers’ credit card information

We hear of several cases of fraud, but this case is guaranteed to shock you.

In Tokyo, 34 year old Yusuke Taniguchi was arrested after he was accused of stealing credit card information from 1,300 credit cards and buying things online.

According to police, Taniguchi was working part-time in a shop where people frequently paid with a credit card. It appears that the accused memorised the 16 digit credit card numbers, the names, expiry dates and security code data. All this would be memorised while he was processing the payment.

Police found a book in which he would jot down all the details. Many were incredulous as to how be managed to remember all these details.

It seems that Taniguchi would buy things and then resell them.

Despite having a good memory and a brain that was capable of memorising these details he made the gross error of supplying his own address when buying things. He was caught after having bought two bags worth 270,000 yen.

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