Tonna says reports which allege Magistrate found enough proof are“false and incorrect”

Brian Tonna issued a statement last night saying that the reports which are alleging that Magistrate Aaron Bugeja has found enough evidence for a criminal investigation against him and Keith Schembri are false and incorrect.

He said that the Magistrate has not evaluated any evidence nor has he passed any judgement. He said that the Magistrate simply found that the allegations are such that, if proved, may lead to the conclusion that certain offence or offences were committed.

He said that this is a completely different interpretation from what was being reported, which was intended to convey the message that the Magistrate had already weighed the evidence and had  reached his conclusions. He insisted that this was not the case.

Mr Tonna once again categorically denied the charges of corruption and money-laundering which have been levelled against him, and said that these allegations were completely unfounded.