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Too little, too late. Who has consistently defended Malta’s reputation overseas? PL and PN at loggerheads

The Nationalist Party has condemned the statement made by Europarliamentarian Sven Giegold who called on the European Commission to trigger Article 7 against Malta in relation to the rule of law.

In a statement, the PN said that the Maltese people should not bear the brunt of the government failures and underlined its objection to the triggering of this article of the European Union treaty.

The PN said that it would be far more useful and desirable for MEP Giegold and his Green Party to follow in the footsteps of the PN by increasing pressure on the government and on those close to it who were eroding the good reputation that Malta has always enjoyed.

The PN went on to say that the government should immediately implement the recommendations proposed by the Venice Commission and said that these should form part of the Maltese Constitution.

PL reacts

In a responding statement, the Labor Party said that the PN were not be credible when objecting to Sven Giegold and his request to trigger Article 7 against Malta.

The PL said that for the last 5 years PN MEPs had fanned the flames which enabled people like Giegold and others to undermine Malta’s interests especially in the financial sector.

Moreover it was common knowledge that during a delegation where Giegold was present, he was flanked by Roberta Metsola and David Casa, while the Government and the PL group were on the other side defending Malta.

The PL said it is too late for anyone to believe that the PN did not want to harm Malta and that credibility in this respect lay only with the PL who have consistently worked to defend Malta’s name.

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