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“Too ugly to be raped” – Italian Court decision

A Court in Ancona has handed down a sentence against a rape victim, deciding that the woman was too ugly to have been raped.

The case, reported in various Italian newspapers, tells how a 22-year-old Peruvian woman was raped by two men, and adds that the Court decided her story was not very credible as it was felt her features were too masculine.

The woman, who was in an entertainment establishment with two men, sustained grievous injuries and had to undergo surgical intervention after being unknowingly drugged with benzodiazepine, otherwise known as the date-rape drug.

The Court, presided by three lady Judges, is facing harsh criticism.

The case has been reopened in the highest Courts in Italy, and is being investigated after the decision by the Ancona judges is being considered unjust and absurd.


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