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Total of €1.3 million spent on upgrading social housing in six villages

Over a period of four years, more than €1.3 million have been spent to upgrade social housing accommodation at six villages.

The residences which were fixed are located in Senglea, Paola, St Paul’s Bay, Hamrun and Ta’ Giorni, while work on Pembroke began this  month.

During a press conference held at St Julian’s, the Minister for the Family and Social Solidarity, Michael Farrugia, explained how the investment was distributed.

In Senglea, €403,400 was spent on two blocks at Triq is-Sur, where many of the ceilings and balconies were upgraded. Renovation was also carried out on the roofs and facades. A separate project in Senglea was carried out at Dar ir-Risq, at an expense of almost €230,000.

In Paola, the expenditure to fix Corradino Flats came to €112,172, and here as well, the ceilings were fixed along with other general maintenance which needed to be carried out, while the facades were all renovated.

Last year, work was completed on the social housing estates at Triq Erba’ Mwieżeb in St Paul’s Bay, at an expense of almost €194,000. Here the roofs were fixed as were parts of the common areas, the facades and the pavement around the blocks of flats.

The project at Okella Agius, in Hamrun came to €392,263, and apart from the ceilings being changed, and the common areas fixed, work on the drainage, electricity, apertures and tiles was also carried out, as well as certain structural changes needed on the beams.

Similar work is taking place at the social housing estate at Ta’ Giorni, where work began in February and will cost €232,855.

Work has also begun on seven blocks at Triq Pietru Darmenia in Pembroke, where walls are going to be fixed, and damage caused to the walls by water which entered the underground garages is also being seen to. The estimated cost will be  €256,262.