Training being given to Police, soldiers and firemen is now recognised at level MQF4

Training with the Disciplinary Forces is now accredited at level MQF4.

The Minister for Home Affairs, National Security and Law Enforcement, Byron Camilleri, explained that this is an important step forward for members of the AFM, Police Force and Civil Protection and Prison Officials who are trained at the Ta’ Kandja Academy. He said that this certificate will be of great use for their career and even after they finish their 25 years of service and choose to keep working outside of the Force.

Minister Camilleri explained how, over the last few years, capital investment in the disciplinary forces has increased and, when compared with 2012, has increased six-fold.

The Chairman of the Board of Disciplinary Forces, Prof Raymond Mangion, said the this is an important moment for the Academy which was set up more than 30 years ago and in 2016 took the dimension we know today through the Academy of Disciplinary Forces Act.  He mentioned that a revision of the law is being carried out to strengthen the Academy and make it more efficient. He said that members of the Disciplinary Forces will also have the possibility of being trained abroad.