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Training programme launched to improve NSO staff’s skills

The National Statistics Office has launched a training programme with the aim of improving the skills of its staff complement. This will be implemented through an investment of over 350, 000 euro, most of which is coming from European Structural Funds.

The Chairman of the Statistics Authority, Professor Albert Leone Ganado, stressed on the need for improvement in workers’ skills according to the organisation’s institutional and professional needs.

The training programme is spread over three years, and most of the 350,000 euro investment is being financed through European Union funds.

The NSO acting Director General, Etienne Caruana, explained that training will be focused on various aspects related to collection of information for statistical purposes through information technology, for accounts, the economy and communication.

Mr Caruana added that “this is not an exercise being carried out solely in Malta, but in all of Europe. Obviously, when one makes a number of changes in one’s office, one will need to train staff, as otherwise one will end up with a group of persons who will fall behind.”

Finance Minister Edward Scicluna stated that the National Statistics Office has made major changes for the better in recent years, but also recognised that more remains to be done. Professor Scicluna appealed for more interaction with professionals in other institutions like the Central Bank, the Authority for Financial Services, and the University.

The Parliamentary Secretary for European Union Funds, Aaron Farrugia, stated that funds for this project are part of the 14 million euro European funds being invested in training in a number of public entities.

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