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Cranes cause chaos as Mellieħa roads are blocked – Council apologises

Persons who tried to drive through various roads in Mellieħa found them blocked by cranes and in consequence had no way through.

Drivers who entered Triq Dun Franġisk Sciberras found a crane blocking the road and when they tried to turn into Triq Adenau they came up against the same situation. This meant there was no alternative but to reverse and this created chaos as other vehicles were trying to enter the road as they were trying to reverse.

There was a similar situation in Triq il-Merill where a crane was placed at the end of the road and those that entered the road had to reverse.

TVM contacted the Mellieħa Local Council and Mayor Dario Vella confirmed the contractors had the required permissions to place the cranes.

However, the Mayor explained that what happened had been the result of an administrative error while apologising for all the inconvenience caused. He said the Council will take steps to ensure this will not happen again.

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