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Transgender person goes to buy ‘pastizzi’ and ends up being insulted and punched

A transgender person who was hoping to end the day on a good note, ended up being humiliated and injured.

She rode the bus to go back home after a day’s work, and then stopped to buy some pastizzi from a shop close to the Msida bus stop. A stranger went up to her and told her that she was better off eating a sausage roll rather than a pastizz (which is also used as Maltese slang for a woman’s private parts).

She shared her experience on social media, explaining how humiliated she felt at the time, but that she gathered up her courage to confront him, only to end up getting punched and her hair pulled.

She added that every person deserves to be treated with respect.

The Police were called to the scene but they told TVM that they were not informed that anyone had sustained any injures.

TVM is informed that the person who did this is not the owner of the shop and does not even work there.

Meanwhile the MGRM in a statement on Facebook said that it was unacceptable in a society which is aware of the realities of the LGBTIQ+ community, that a transgender person comes across such abuse even in broad daylight.

It said that she would continue to work for everyone to feel safe and have self-confidence.

If anyone comes across hateful acts such as these, one can report safely on

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