Trees to return to Freedom Avenue, Żebbuġ

A long straight road in Żebbuġ which a few years ago was stripped of trees due to the damage they were causing to the houses will be re-adorned with trees, shrubs and plants in a project that ensures that both the choice of trees and the way they are planted, will not cause damage again. The project to be carried out by the Central Government is intended to revitalize this urban area and improve the quality of life of the residents and people who frequent the area.

Freedom Avenue in Żebbuġ – the main road from the De Rohan Gate to the heart of the locality – will be embellished thorough a project that will give a more environmentally friendly look to an urban area where many families live and where many people pass by – on their way to and from Żebbuġ square.

Minister for the Environment, Aaron Farrugia, announced that with an investment of two hundred thousand euros, 160 trees and shrubs will be planted together with a number of potted plants that will beautify and give a new lease of life to the urban area. He mentioned how nine years ago, ficus trees that were planted on this road had to be removed because their roots caused extensive damage to properties. Along with oak trees, myrtle bushes and pots, new street furniture will be placed to further beautify this avenue.

“There will also be green infrastructure and green furniture and various pots which will make this avenue greener and there will be more green spaces for Maltese and Gozitans in urban areas where many Maltese families work and live and we will continue with the urban greenery that our country started a couple of months ago. ”

The Mayor of Żebbuġ, Malcolm Paul Galea, expressed his appreciation for the work that Ambjent Malta will carry out in this road while also reducing the surrounding temperature.