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Tribali air an unusual sound in their new album RABA’

The musical group Tribali has continued to strengthen its repertoire with the release of RABA’ – a varied album of ethnic music. The group is well known for its use of particular musical instruments and has been working on the music for this album over the last six years.

This is a stanza from Bastjan – one of a number from the album.

Group member Peter Paul Galea said the project is a continuation of a musical adventure that began 12 years ago and work on this production began six years ago in a quest for the group to find its musical roots and produce music the public wants to hear.

He said some of the themes stretch back to the time when Tribali started its quest in 2006 and had utilised instruments like the Didgeridoo and the Sitar which were newly introduced and have again been used to recall the past but also lead to the future.

The new album highlights the use of a hang drum, an instrument that gives dimension and energy to Tribali because it is vibrant and impassioned sound. Galea said he is fascinated by this instrument and does not utilise it for music only.

Besides its musical use, he also uses the hang drum in projects for the disabled and for people with autism because, surprisingly, when they hear the instrument it attracts their attention and seems to appeal to their soul.

Tribali will launch the new album during a concert at the Greek Theatre in July while the group will have busy summer months participating in musical festivals in Hungary, Portugal and Holland.

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