Tried to blame dog for violence inflicted on daughter and wife in Ħamrun

A 61-year-old man, a resident of Ħamrun, has been found guilty of having slightly injured his wife and daughter when he assaulted them during an argument that ensued in the bedroom of a house in Ħamrun. The case goes back to 31 December two years ago.

The aggression occurred at about 5.00 p.m. when the man returned home from work. The man, who had been going through separation proceedings, went straight up to the spare bedroom where he found his daughter and her mother on the mobile and banged the door forcefully.

At this point, in a fit of anger, the man launched into a torrent of abuse, swearing and obscene gestures, pulled a blanket off his daughter and threw her mobile to the floor. When the daughter got up to retrieve it, the father reviled her with her ancestry, telling her that “nisa bħalek ħaqqhom min iħanxarhom”, started punching the wall and at one point banged her head against the wall.

Whilst managing to avoid him in order to phone the Police, his wife ended up being hit in the back when she pulled her Maltese Terrier to protect it after he had hit it three times in the face.

In a statement to the Police on the following day, the man denied ever having beaten his wife or daughter. He stated that he had been very angry and started punching the wall. In his evidence to the court, the man said that on the day of the incident he had found out that his wife and daughter were going out for a New Year celebration without him. He also denied touching his wife, saying her injuries were caused by the dog when it scratched her back.

This when the woman also had bruises in the lower part of her back.

In handing down sentence, Magistrate Nadine Lia noted that the accused had tried to mitigate and place responsibility on other factors, including that the small breed dog had caused bruises to his wife’s back, and his daughter could have been hurt when he pushed her.

The Court stated it had resulted that the man was greatly angered as he could not make up with his wife. Whilst appreciating the family was going through a sensitive period as they were in the process of splitting up, the Magistrate said that this unexpected behaviour does not help and only enlarges the problem.

The Court also observed that the man had never shown regret for his actions.

In her decision, Magistrate Lia placed the accused under a treatment order for a year in order to address his anger problems, and under the observation of the Probation and Parole Director for one year, against a 1,000 euro penalty.

The Court also issued a protection order in the man’s regard, binding him not to approach, contact or in any way follow the mother and daughter.