Tried to pay a summons at the Local Council with 1c coins – ended up at Naxxar Police Station

A man who turned up to pay a summons he had received with 1c coins ended up at Naxxar Police Station after he dumped the coins at Naxxar Local Council.

The man was fined €23.29ċ by a local warden when he parked his vehicle badly in Vjal il-Wieħed u Għoxrin ta’ Settembru at Naxxar.

In a posting on Facebook, the Naxxar Local Council wrote that this morning the man went to pay the fine with bags on one cent pieces.

“Someone tried to pull a fast one at Naxxar Local Council today by turning up to pay a summons in 1c coins! The joke was on him, however, as he ended up at the Police Station and had to pick up every single cent, after which he settled up in the normal way,” Naxxar Local Council explained on its Facebook page in what it described as ‘a joke turned sour.’

The Council took the opportunity to appeal for respect towards its staff, without trying to ridicule them and waste their time, “which is paid for by the taxpayers,” the Council added.