Foreign Affairs
Trump’s decision on Jerusalem leads to violent protests in Lebanon

In Lebanon, violent protests broke out near the American embassy in Beirut against the decision of the American President Donald Trump, after he recognized Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.

Security forces surrounded the road which leads to the embassy and fired tear gas and water at the demonstrators who began singing slogans against Israel and the United States, while throwing rocks and setting off fires near the embassy.

In a separate incident, an Israeli security official is in critical condition after a young Palestinian man from the occupied territory on the West Bank stabbed him near the main public transport station.

Meanwhile, the Arab League has condemned the decision of the US. In a joint declaration after a meeting in Cairo, the Arab Foreign Affairs Ministers said that the US should revise this decision about Jerusalem because it goes against international law and will lead to an increase in violence in the region. The ministers said that they would be asking for the UN security council to condemn this development.