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Tunisia: Journalist sets himself on fire in protest

A Tunisian journalist and photographer set himself on fire at a main square in Kasserine on Saturday. Abderrazak Zorgui, who worked for a television station, died after he succumbed to his injuries.

Before his terrible act, Zorgui uploaded a video (hereunder) in which he said that he was protesting against the situation in Tunisia, where he alleged that the Government is not respecting the pledges made following the revolution of eight years ago, and continues to sustain corruption instead of creating work.

He said that people protesting on their poor state have been called terrorists, while adding that he is ready to protest alone because he will be happy even if only one person gets a job due to his efforts.

As the news of Zorgui’s death began to spread, demonstrators protested in streets and clashed with police. Various policemen were injured in the clashes and many demonstrators were arrested.