Turkish construction workers claim they have not been paid for months on end

Turkish workers who came to Malta to work on large private projects are complaining that for months their salary has not been paid by the Turkish company TACA. Among the various projects it is working on is the development of the Fortina and the development of Shoreline at Smart City.

The Department of Industrial and Employment Relations is investigating the complaints of Turkish workers of the Turkish construction company TACA which has been entrusted with various projects in Malta, following reports that a group of its workers, who have been working for months, have not been paid.

Turkish workers who worked for eight months are said to have been paid for only five months’ work. In comments to Television Malta the Minister Carmelo Abela who is in charge of the Department of Employment and Industrial Relations stated that he cannot elaborate on details of the case. However he make it clear that regardless of nationality no worker should be exploited.

“There is no distinction between Maltese or foreigners once they are working in Malta regularly. Every worker has the right to carry out his own investigations in a case where he feels that his rights are being violated.”

The construction company had brought in hundreds of workers from Turkey last year and in addition to their employment they were promised decent housing in Malta, in line with Maltese law. The workers had to stay in Malta until the completion of the contracts awarded to TACA Construction for various projects in our country. The company had said the workers would earn an average salary of € 1,450, have a private health insurance policy, airline tickets, free accommodation and three meals a day.

We understand that the company TACA had also won the contract for the DB Group City Centre project in Paceville which is still awaiting the permission of the Planning Authority.