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Tusk: Malta holds EU Council Presidency at a most delicate time

Shortly before the official Opening Ceremony of Malta’s EU Council Presidency, Donald Tusk, the President of the EU Council, arrived in Malta and went straight to Castille for talks with Prime Minister Joseph Muscat. Tusk said that Malta will be presiding the EU Council at a difficult and delicate time for the European Union.

He described Malta as an excellent collaborator and is currently best positioned to hold the Presidency because it is experienced in the delicate aspects of immigration because it has been facing them for a number of years.

The Prime Minister urged further collaboration between EU States for tangible results to be achieved, results that will make a difference to the lives of people. Dr Muscat said that immigration will be a priority during the Presidency because this was not just the problem of one Member State but of the EU bloc as a whole and therefore needed the cooperation of all.

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