Twelve year old Maltese girl dances at the Royal Albert Hall in London

Born in Ethiopia and adopted in Malta, Kenzie Galea is one of three adopted children within the same family. Every weekend she travels to Birmingham for ballet lessons.

Although she is only twelve, Kenzie has already won herself a dance scholarship and has been selected to perform in the prestigious dance production that has been staged four times at the Royal Albert Hall in London.

Kenzie Galea, a student in her second year of secondary school at the national school of Visual and Performing Arts, was selected from among hundreds and was one of eight girls to take part in The Nut Cracker, with Birmingham Royal Ballet, at The Royal Albert Hall in London.

“I never really thought what if I got in, it was mostly for the experience. And when I heard that I got in I was really happy and shocked, and then when I heard that I was going to dance on stage with the Birmingham Royal Ballet it was like a dream that came true,” she said.

Kenzie trains in ballet, jazz, flamenco and escual bolera which is a combination of ballet and flamenco, with the local dance company Estudios de Danza. It was her school teachers and the the unconditional support she received from her adoptive parents who encouraged Kenzie to audition. Every weekend she travels to Birmingham for ballet lessons.

“Dance is like a passion for me so even though you might think it’s a long journey every weekend, after all I’m doing this for my future so I’ll be trying my best and looking forward,” Kenzie explained.

Kenzie started dance lessons when she was three years old, but her mother, Tracy Galea said that her daughter started dancing before she learned how to walk. She said that seeing her daughter dance at the Royal Albert Hall was surreal.

“I never ever would have dreamed that my daughter would be on that stage. And me and my mum went to see her and we sat there and we were in awe really because it was quite surreal. I was just gobsmacked.”

Opportunities for Kenzie will continue in the coming weeks. She will attend Elmhurst Summer School in Birmingham in July and will go to Seville in Spain having won a scholarship to specialize in Flamenco dance.

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