Twins born three months apart

In Germany, a woman has amazingly given birth to twins, who were born three months apart.

There was exactly 97 days between the birth of Liana and Leonie, who were born at a hospital in Cologne.

A spokesman for the hospital said that the first child was born on 17 November 2018 and the second child was born 26 weeks and 5 days later – i.e on the 22 February 2019. Both daughters are in good health.

This is not the first time that twins are born on different days, but there has never been a case where there is such a huge gap between the births – in this case, 97 days.

A few years ago, a similar case occurred in Bucharest, Romania where the first child was born in November 2014 and the second in January 2015, after 77 days.

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