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Twins weighing 36kg and 40kg are on the brink of death

Two Russian twins, aged 14,  Masha and Dasha Ledeneva from Lipetsk, are on the brink of death after they have continued to lose more weight.

They have been recuperating at a Moscow hospital for the last month because they only weigh 36kg and 40kg respectively and are at risk of going into cardiac arrest at any time.

The Russian girls were asked to lose weight by the modelling school they were attending so that their cheekbones would be more prominent. The doctors are doing everything they can to save their lives after they became anorexic, and ended up being just skin and bones.

The twins have been in a coma for the last three days and are receiving treatment in intensive care.

The eating disorder activist Maria Kokhno said that no hospital wanted to treat them because they were being considered living corpses.

The modelling school in Lipetsk which the twins were attending ended up in the spotlight after the Russian media exposed the methods being used with the models, however, it has declined to comment about this case.

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