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Two flyovers at Marsa Junction to be up and running by September

The first two of the seven flyovers being constructed at the Marsa Junction will be up and running by the end of September.

Infrastructure Malta pointed out in a statement that it has so far completed 35% of this 70 million euro project at Marsa, which is being financed by the European Union.

These two structures will link up the northbound Giuseppe Garibaldi Road with Aldo Moro Road. Initially, this will be used in the opposite direction, from Aldo Moro Road towards Luqa and the airport.

Meanwhile, with effect from tomorrow drivers going through this area will start experiencing changes in the northbound lanes which link the junction with the traffic lights near the Addolorata with Aldo Moro Road.

Infrastructure Malta will move these lanes to the side, to allow workers to continue applying concrete to the overpassing flyover.

During a media conference, Engineer Frederick Azzopardi, Chief Executive of Infrastructure Malta, appealed to persons driving in  this area to abide by the reduced speed limits.

More details to follow.